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Email Errors

With millions of emails sent and received each day through your computer your email software can get a rigours daily workout. So its not surprising that email software raises quite a number of problems and errors for it's users.

Most people use an email client to work with their emails. An email client is a piece of software that is able to send, receive and manage emails. Another terms for email cleints is a Mail User Agent or a MUA. The most used email clients are Outlook Express and Incredimail.


Outlook Express Errors

Microsoft Outlook Express or OE as it's more commonly known is the most popular email client in use today, this in part is that it comes when you order your PC with a version of Microsoft's OS. Although in fairness to the product it is easy to step up and use. Many companies use outlook as thier office mail system as it is backed by the huge Microsoft corporation.

Like any other software development companies Microsoft can only test to certain level before releasing their products. There is no substitute for millions of testers, and that's what happens in the real world when a new mail client product is released. So as it's popularity has increased so has the number of error messages and some of the errors that can lead to a multitude of problems. The main problems include: Outlook Express Popup Error Message, Outlook Express Popup Error Messages, Outlook Express Stop Error Messages, Outlook Express Slow Performance Problems, Failure To Start Failure To Shut Down Properly or Failure To Send or Receive Mail

Some of these errors are severe enough to stop you using Outlook Express and can be very frustrating at the best of times. One of the main reasons for so many complications is to do with the FAT file storage system that exists on many versions of Windows. Outlook Express mail files which are stored on this file storage system can get easily corrupted if Outlook performs an illegal operation or fails to shut it self down properly. Some can go missing or be removed mistakenly others become corrupt and outlook becomes in operable. Some errors can be fixed easily by a quick scan of your registry files, as missing or corrupt registry files can mess with the operation of Outlook.

Incredimail Errors

Incredimail was released in 1999 to the general public. It was released with the intention of being a fun and user friendly email client to use. There are two versions of the email program. The free version and the paid version which is called Incredimail Premium. The free version has advertisements placed at the bottom of each email sent or received. If you go for the paid version this advertisement are removed.

As Incredimail allows users to customize their email client and it can be fun to use but there are also problems associated with it. People have complained about how it pushes too much advertisements on you and that it is associated with spyware & adware. Also trying to Uninstall Incredimail can be tricky as it had installed many keys in your PC's registry. You can read a list of Incredimail problems that were listed by users. if you are going to use incredimail please be aware that it does cause problems and can be difficult to fix or remove. Some of the most common Incredimail Errors can be fixed if done properly.

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