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Ocx Errors & What Is an Ocx File?

To understand why you are getting an error it is firstly important to understand the role played by OCX Files in your computer. OCX files are part of OLE's(Object Linking & Embedding) control, which are special programs written for applications running the Windows Operating system. You'll find these files in your windows folder in your directory. Since .ocx files are part of OLE, OLE files are designed in a sense that they just "plug-and-play". Plug and Play objects can be written in any language and used dynamically by any application in the system. Microsoft now call OCX files Active X controls as part of their ActiveX technologies.

What Are The Main Types Of Ocx Errors?

OCX files are special purpose files that work your windows application, especially moving parts. As you scroll down or scroll left or right on your program or application or also your web browser you can be sure an OCX file is there helping you complete this task. OCX file are used in 3rd party applications that run on your Windows PC and Active X applications. So when you try to do an action or an application tries to do a action it might require information from the OCX file. If the OCX file is not there you will receive an error message. The most common OCX errors include, missing, not found or corrupt OCX files. If you are getting OCX Error messages and need help trying to fix them check our OCX File Library for some help of fixing the error.

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