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What are Process Errors?

When your PC does its tasks in the background to make it operate correctly you will need processes or files with .exe extension. Each process has a different responsibility in keeping your PC working and doing the correct things. Even as you read this page you'll there are processes running. TO view them press Ctrl+ ALt+Del and select the task manager, From here you can view all the process running in the background that you may or may not have been aware of.

As you can see I'm using Windows NT as my operating system and even at the moment I'm running hundred of windows process files.

The task manager highlights who owns the process. So in the case of SVChost.exe this belongs to SYSTEM. SYSTEM is Microsoft and this file was on your PC when you bought it. Also when you see LOCAL SERVICE & NETWORK SERVICE this means that the processes we also pre-installed your machine when you purchased it.

Each process can have a drain on your PC's resources. LSASS.EXE which again is a Microsoft owned process here at the moment has a 1.1K Memory usage. This is very small. You can see the total amount of memory usage at the bottom of your screen and in this case we're only using 2% of or PC's capacity.

When your PC has troubling running these processes you get windows process errors.

What Are The Main Types Of Process Errors?

Windows process errors are varied depending on the Process file. There are hundreds of process files. about 500 are installed on your PC when you get it first. Other process files are added as you download, purchase software or update new software. Over time your files could get corrupt and this is one of the most common causes of process errors. To find out more about the process files and what function they perform you can check them out in our Process File Library.

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