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Driver Errors & What Is A Driver File?

To understand why you are getting an error it is firstly important to understand the role played by Driver files in your computer. System files or files with an .sys extension are usually used when specific system commands need to be run,. The files contain system variables and system setting definitions that make your PC work as it should and allow applications to interact with your PC system.

System files .sys files act as a device drivers or simply as drivers. It allows the the sytem or applications on your pc to interact with devices that are attached to your computer like a printer, mouse, fax or keyboard. The sys files also can cater for interrupt handling between your PC system and the devices that are connected to it.

.Sys files should not be edited. All sys files are loaded when your windows system is booted up. If a sys file was modified incorrectly your PC willnot be able to boot, even if safe mode.

What Are The Main Types Of Driver Errors?

Driver Errors can be split into two categories, missing and corrupt. These messages can appear once your PC has booted up or, when you attempt to run a program or application and it can't find its required driver file. Driver files can become missing when an executable removes the wrong Driver file, normally because it was shared with another executable. When the executable goes to run it will flag a warning to the user that the driver was not found or the driver file was missing. The second occasion is that the Driver is corrupt. This means that the the included Driver file in an application installation was not packaged properly or it had a coding error, or when an application was being installed, something abnormal occurred for that installation to corrupt the Driver file. Other reasons for a Driver error is that it has become overwritten by another program, this can cause incompatibility with some applications. Some of the other Driver errors can be caused because of inaccessible, incompatible or conflicting Driver files. If you need more information on Driver files and what programs are associated with them you can check our Driver file library.

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