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INF Errors & What Is an INF File?

To understand why you are getting an error it is firstly important to understand the role played by INF files in your computer. INF files are plain text files that contains vital information. You can double click on them and open them in notepad. This will not do any damage to them. Even though they seem innocuous they are a nifty file which has quite a lot of functions.

If you install a program or application, normally through a setup file, an .inf file will be copied as part of this process. It can tell you what changes were made to the Registry and what files were copied onto your PC. This is vital incase the installation does not go well, you know instantly what files could be causing the problems or what registry keys were changed. INF files are helpful files which you should not delete.

What Are The Main Types Of INF Errors?

The content of INF files can contain many complex operations which include installation instructions included registry entries and destination directories. INF Files if they are not present can cause an installation or an operation to fail. This is why if an installation or an application cannot find a set of instructions it requires to complete an action an INF FILE Error will be presented to the user. INF Errors can be split into two categories, missing and corrupt. These messages can appear once your PC has booted up or, when you attempt to run a program or application and it can't find its required INF file. INF files can become missing when an executable removes the wrong INF file, normally because it was shared with another executable. When the executable goes to run it will flag a warning to the user that the INF was not found or the INF file was missing. The second occasion is that the INF is corrupt. This means that the the included INF file in an application installation was not packaged properly or it had a coding error, or when an application was being installed, something abnormal occurred for that installation to corrupt the INF file. Other reasons for a INF error is that it has become overwritten by another program, this can cause incompatibility with some applications. Some of the other INF errors can be caused because of inaccessible, incompatible or conflicting INF files. If you need more information on INF files and what programs are associated with them you can check our INF File Library.

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