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Incredimail Error

With millions of users using the free version of incredimail there is plenty of people to test this email software to the limit. Every few months different versions are released. Depending on which version you are on here are the most common problems associated when using Incredimail.


Commonly Reported Incredimail Errors

Incredimail Version Problems
5.70.3188 Beta For my trouble I have been inundated with sales pitches and adds from the company, I am extremely unimpressed with the application permanently running in the system tray.....also a note, when changing identities the application reopens to the last opened identity
5.67.3132 It fills the registry with lots of crap. I'm pretty sure the ad technology is pretty efficient but the email part is absolutely dire.
5.67.3132 It really messes with the registries and a thorough cleaning means having to reinstall the program. Initially a neat program but not worth it. Why do you think there aren't a lot of copycats?
5.50.2876 I tried to uninstall it and delete the keys from my registry but when I installed the older version it wouldn't load so I was forced to redownload the new one and I made the mistake of paying for premeum cause I got fooled by the life time serial # and all u get for 30 bucks is no adds
Build 2185 What I have been having problems with in Incredimail is that during exit it comes up with an exception error in msvcrt.dll. The error doesn't affect anything other than being a nusance.
Build 2089 Before installing, the newer version must be uninstalled; this included the Incredimail folder in the Windows program directory - you may find you also have to edit the registry entries or the installation may fail.
Build 1930 It's bulky, heavy, when users send me mail their emails won't open up in my email program forcing me to install incredimail on my computer. It's invasive, has way too many graphics and it's extremely difficult for novices to use. Horrible idea to not integrate with most used mail programs like outlook express.
Build 1825 Beta However when I install MS Anti Spyware Beta on her machine, it picked up Spyware that Incredimail had installed. Up till then we could not figure out where the popups were coming from.

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