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Crypt32.dll Errors & Repair

Author: Microsoft Corporation
Description: Crypto API32
Size: 544.256 Bytes
Version: 5.131.2600.1123 (xpsp2.020921-0842)

Crypt32.dll like other DLL files can cause errors and problems on your PC that can stop you from doing your work. Over time DLL files can go missing or get corrupted either through user error or aspects outside your control such as registry problems, adware, spyware, or viruses. It is normally an indication that when DLL errors begin appearing that something is not right with your PC. So if your PC is displaying Crypt32.dll error messages it's time to run a diagnostic on your computer to ensure it does not lead to a slow decline in performance or stop your PC from functioning altogether.

Common Crypt32.dll Error Messages That Can Pop Up

"Cannot Find Crypt32.dll"
"Missing Crypt32.dll File"
"Corrupt Crypt32.dll File"
"Crypt32.dll Correct Location"

Repair Crypt32.dll Errors

Our database indicates that Crypt32.dll is a known DLL file that works with Microsoft Corporation. If you don't recognize Crypt32.dll we advise you run an adware Spyware scan on your PC. Otherwise if you are getting dll error messages on your screen it could be an indication that over a period of time dll file has become unstable, corrupt or gone missing. Regcure fixes and repairs all registry problems including DLL file issues.

If you know what application/program the DLL file belongs to but are still getting erorr messages such as missing or corrupt Crypt32.dll file, the problem will most likely exist in your computer's registry. Most DLL files are linked to your registry through their controlling programs when they are installed. If uninstalled or removed incorrectly they can stay lodged in your PC's registry which can cause problems down the line.
To run a free scan on your registry use Regcure Free Scan And Repair Crypt32.dll Errors

If the "Author" of Crypt32.dll is "Unknown" and the dll name does not ring any bells then this could indicate that your PC could be infected with adware/spyware without your knowledge. If this is the case it is strongly recommended you run a scan on your PC to detect the presence of adware and spyware using Noadware Free Scan For Spyware and Adware.

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